What is sustainability for GEVEA?

For GEVEA, sustainability is an integrated part of our business, and we actively contribute to a more sustainable society. We see that the transition to a more sustainable society with new energy solutions creates many business opportunities in electricity distribution and rail and tramways, which are our focus areas.

Both GEVEA and the Addtech group support the ten basic principles of the UN Global Compact, our internal code of conduct and the code of conduct for our suppliers are based on fundamental international conventions. We use the UN's global sustainability goals and identify sustainability-related risks and opportunities as part of our overall risk analysis process. To secure development towards our long-term sustainability goals, the work is fully integrated into our strategy and business planning.

Our work includes taking responsibility for the three fundamental perspectives in sustainability: environmental, social and economic responsibility.

The demand of sustainable technology solutions is constantly growing, which creates business opportunities for GEVEA as well as value for our customers and society at large.

We at GEVEA work daily to help customers in various ways to find the best and most sustainable technology solutions in electricity distribution and track-bound materials. This applies both to improving existing infrastructure and contributing to new, stable energy and transport solutions. We see that we have great opportunities to be an active supplier in the transition to a more sustainable society and industry.

GEVEA takes part in the Addtech Group's whistleblower function, which enables stakeholders to report any irregularities anonymously. The whistleblower system is an important tool for our work with anti-corruption and a transparent business.

Follow the link below to get to the external whistleblower site. https://report.whistleb.com/en/addtech